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Estimated Lead Times

The estimated lead times below are provided as estimates only. Actual turn-around may depend on various factors, such as current workload, number of options ordered, missing receipt in package, or if there are discrepancies in the order. To insure that your order is completed as expediently as possible, please be sure that you have filled in our order form correctly, have included the receipt in your shipment to us, and have properly counted the number of pages (please see our FAQ for more details).

1-5 books, 5-9 business days (Rush Delivery, 3-5)
6-10 books, 7-14 business days (Rush Delivery, 5-9)
11-20 books, 12-22 business days
21-30 books, 16-26 business days

USB Thumb Drive: Additional day for Thumb Drive preparation, plus about 2 - 4 for delivery.
Audiobook conversion: Adds about 1 - 2 days for audiobook processing.
Rush Delivery: Advances your order to the next fastest tier (not available for orders of 13 books or more).



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