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We Can Convert Your Books to Your iPad, iPad Mini, Kindle, Nook & Many Other Digital Formats

Converting your books into an iPAD-friendly format is easy here at Blue Leaf Book Scanning. For a small fee, we will scan your physical books, convert them into your desired digital format, and within a few days, provide you with a download link to your new files.

Since 2008, Blue Leaf Book Scanning has been leading the way in affordably scanning  and converting traditional paper bound books, textbooks, drawings and other documents into the digital file format of your choice. We make the ordering and conversion process painless, affordable and quick. Normally we can convert your book and return it to you in a week.

Working with Blue Leaf Book Scanning is as easy as 1-2-3; Place an on-line order, send in your books, textbooks or documents, then we handle the rest. We scan your books, send the copies to you via direct download link or DVD, and return ship the books free of charge.

Here are some of the most popular format options:



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